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We are pleased to inform you about a brand new Survival season, within the latest possible Minecraft version, 1.18! 1.18 has been out for a while, so it is time for our beloved Survival server to receive this version update as well. In order to fully make use of the new version, we will be giving the Survival server a reset where we will not only be updating the version but also adding a lot more content and improvements to the existing features.

We happily and proudly announce that the official new Survival season will be launching on Friday March 4th, 2022. Please note The release time can be a couple of minutes/hours later. 14:30 IST (India) / 21:00 GMT / 15:00 CST / 12:00 MT / 13:00 PST play.cyperlands.net / play.skynerd.net


📚 Changelog Here is the list of the changes made for this season. I highly suggest you give a good read over all of these to make sure you are familiar with the most recent updates and are not missing out on important details.​

- New Spawn​ & PvP Arena We have put together a brand new spawn! This time you will find yourself stranded on a medieval style spawn. Jump through the portal and start your brand new survival adventure.​ we also have a new PvP Arena!

Introducing: Player Warps A player warp is a location set in a world of your choice that all other players can warp to. These player warps will be visible inside the /playerwarps GUI. So every time you create a warp every player of the server will be able to visit it.​ By default players can create 1 Player warp, to get access to more player warps. you'll need either rankup ranks or donator ranks from our store.

Introducing: Quests Quests are a great way to earn money while just doing regular things on the server. We have tons of quests, such as mining, brewing, farming, crafting, and much more. You can view all of the quests by typing /quests in game. Click the category, and then click which specific quest you want to start. All players can only have 4 active quests at a time. If you want to cancel a quest, right-click the specific quest you want to cancel, and click the green blocks on the right.

Introducing: Cyper Coins and Coin Shop Cyper Coins are one of the best ways to get OP items, crate keys, more abilities, and much more. On our server store, store.cyperlands.net, you can purchase cyper coins themselves, or purchase ranks which each come with a certain amount of cyper coins. cyper coins can also be obtained through voting with /vote, which will give you 25 coins a day if you vote on all 5 links everyday. The last way that Cyper Coins can be obtained is through nitro boosting the Discord server. You will receive 150 Cyper Coins upon boosting, and 100 more every month that you stay boosted. If you want to use your Cyper Coins to purchase some awesome stuff, type the command /cs in game. You can click through the menu and read about all the cool things you can buy, like chat tags, items, keys and more!

Introducing: Rankup/Free Ranks: On Cyperlands Survival, we know that not everyone is able to spend money. That’s why we created ranks that are purchasable with a combination of votes, in game money, and a few other requirements like playtime and mob kills. Ranking up gives you keys, more Auctionhouse slots, more player warps, more chest shops, more sethomes, and more claim blocks. Once you reach Rank Four, you have access to much cooler things. Introducing: Marriage We have a marriage plugin on Cyperlands/Skynerd Season 6 that allows players to marry each other. Here is a list of commands that you can use with this plugin: /marry list (shows all marriages) /marry marry (player) (Requests to marry another player) /marry divorce (player) (Divorces your spouse) /marry chattoggle (Toggles your chat to be private with your spouse) /marry home (Teleports you to your home) /marry sethome (Sets your home) /marry delhome (Deletes your home)

Introducing: Player Vaults Playervaults are pretty easy to use. As a default rank, you can have 1 player vaults which you can get thru /rankup and access by typing /pv 1. Playervaults have 54 item slots, the same as a double chest. Each donator rank gives you more playervaults, up to 12 with mythic. Access your playervaults by typing /pv (#)

Introducing: MCMMO Season 6 uses the classic MCMMO Plugin. MCMMO rewards players for doing certain things by giving them the use of abilities and skills based on the action. For example, once you hit level 50 of Miner, you receive the ability to use Super Breaker, where you can right click while holding your pickaxe, and your pickaxe receives +5 levels of efficiency for a short period of time. To learn more about all of the skills and abilities, you can type /skills in game, or visit the Skills NPC at spawn.

Banking System
- this system is pretty interesting, in season 6 we have a bank server where you can deposit your money to keep it safe, your money kept in the bank will increase over time thanks to the awesome interest rates!
Talismans - Talismans are special items that can give u some buffs, there are over 50+ Talismans and they can be obtained thru mobs and the Talismans crate!
New Voting Rewards & VoteParty - Season 6 also introduces alot better rewards for voting. you can obtain cypercoins, in-game money, claimblocks, vote keys and of course progress towards voteparty by voting for the server!
Companions - Companions are like pets, Upon activating a companion, it follows you beside your shoulder and gives you special abilities, companions can be purchased at /companions for companion coins, which can be bought at our donation store OR at /coinshop with cypercoins!
New Crates - This time around we want to focus alot on crates. Which is why we have introduced 7 New Crates Vote, Epic, Magical, Ultimate, Talisman, Spawner and Voteparty!
Heads Shop - Season 6 has a awesome heads shop, with over 40,000+ Heads split into multiple categories. which you can purchase with in-game money, from 2,000$ to 10,000$.

Other small updates:
Improved Chest Shops & Auction House
Improved Bedrock Support
Improved Jobs
Imporved Skills (We now use mcMMO)
Improved Resource Shop (/shop)
Improved Donator Ranks
New Kits and perks like Disguise for Donators
Introduces Chat Tags (Obtainable thru /coinshop and completely free for certain donator ranks)
Introduces Marriage (/marry)
Introduces Player Vaults (Obtainable thru rankups, Donator ranks and /coinshop)
Introduces Chat Games (Win chatgames and collect chatgames coins, which you can trade for awesome items at /warp exchange)


Other Features planned for a future update under season 6:
1. Dungeons
2. Marketplace (Mall)
3. Custom Mobs
and more!

Survival Season 6 | Release Date & Patch Notes 7 months ago

New Website - v1.0 7 months ago
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