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Server Rules

No exploiting or hacking.

This one is simple, if you are found to be using a hacked client that can cause harm or adds features we block on our server, you will be asked to turn it off or remove it. If use is continued, you will be temporarily, or permanently banned from our server. The same can be said about using exploits in the server and minecraft code to obtain items, move things or lag the server.

Do not ask for free perks/ranks

Do not ask for items, ranks or /op. If you want to help the community, find the link under 'Application' at bottom of the website to apply. You can also give a donation for a donor rank, at our store Failure to comply with this may eventually result in a permanent mute.


No trapping or tp-killing*. Do not use any methods of killing players in safe zones such as Spawn, or PvP-disabled regions.

No trapping: Don't build traps, holes or 1x1 towers meant to target players in order to trap or kill them. Should you be found to have any homes (/sethome) near other players’ territories without their permission (with the intent to camp / kill them), your homes may be subject to removal.

No tp-killing: Tp-killing refers to the scenario where you either (a), teleport directly to the target with the intention to kill them, whether it be immediate or delayed or (b), teleport to a player near to the target with the intention to kill either of them. Do not trick others to teleport to you, your home, your warp, or your territory with the intent to kill them in any way. The staff team will decide whether or not you have broken this rule on a per-case scenario, based on your intentions and past infractions.


Advertising of other Minecraft servers (or similar) is prohibited. You’re playing on WMA, not somewhere else.

Spamming is not tolerated. This could mean a number of things; don’t repeat yourself, don’t repeatedly ask for things, don’t send multiple /trade or /tpr requests, when correcting yourself only correct one word instead of repeating the entire sentence, etc.

We do not condone (allow) swearing. Due to majority of our players being underage, we would rather not expose them to vulgarity. That said, some basic words are ok. This includes, but may not be limited to, ‘crap’ and ‘shit’. However, such usage should be limited – use it once, on occasion, if you must. But don’t make a habit of it.

Anything not allowed in regular chat is also not allowed in private messaging (also known as /msg, /tell or /whisper).

Due to excessive misuse (overuse), any usage of the word ‘budder’ is now a 1 hour ban. Incorrect usage of the word ‘butter’ will be a 30 minute ban. Furthermore, attempting to circumvent or make fun of this rule will be a 2 hour ban. This rule cannot be disputed, and has only been created due to player misuse, not because we ‘want’ such a rule.

You are not allowed to use MineChat. Not only could you get killed and not be able to retrieve your stuff, it also wastes server resources. We have a Discord server if you’d like to chat when you’re not playing.


If you notice a glitch that affects gameplay (or that causes cheating) then notify a staff member (either in chat or on the forums) as soon as possible.

If you cause accidental grief to another player, apologise and fix the issue immediately. If you cannot fix it yourself, contact an admin.

All players are expected to check back on this webpage for changes. Failure to do so could result in a ban you did not expect, and no sympathy.

"1337" Hackers. Threatening to DDOS / attacking the server with bots (spam join), or hacking into another player's account will result in an instant IP ban. Your main account will also be banned. "I was just kidding" excuses are not accepted in appeals. You are also not allowed to use a proxy or VPN service to connect to the server. The simultaneous use of multiple accounts for AFK-farming is also prohibited. Any attempts to bypass our AFK detection system (game mechanics, client modifications, macros, etc) may result in your account(s) being suspended.

*Unless special permission has been granted to you by the Owner due to specific reasons (e.g network issues, friends and siblings sharing same network, etc)

Please note that common sense with these rules should be considered. We reserve the right to punish players that we feel are damaging the experience for other players. These rules apply to you even if you have donated to the server. Should we find you to be ruining the gameplay of others, your ranks or perks will be removed and you may be banned from the server, without any form of compensation. In any case, the server Owner's decision on punishment is final. It is the responsibility of players to keep up to date with the server rules as they are subject to change without prior notice.